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The simplest method of booking an appointment is call or text our office number 307.217.6011 and leave a message requesting an appointment.  Calls are returned in the order received  
Helpful info to include:

  • Patient Name

  • Patient date of birth

  • Symptoms (cough for 3 days, fever, fell off bike, etc)

  • Requested appointment time frame (this afternoon, first available, by the end of the week)

  • Best way to reach you.  Most patients prefer a secure text from our scheduler, but we can also provide a callback if you prefer. 

You are a future patient if your child or family has not been seen by the doctor in our clinic and is not registered in our records. You can request to register by calling or texting 307.217.6011.  Please leave a message requesting to become a new patient. 

An alternative to online payment offered via our billing company.
Available Mon - Thurs 8am-5pm and Fri 8am-12pm.

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